Rhino members have all the fun!

Let’s keep training hard and sign up for these awesome events together. 

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We will be updating this page with links, times, pricing, preparatory workshops and training times for upcoming events and other info as it becomes available! 

Preparatory Workshops

Did you know we have training workshops to help you focus on skills you want to master? These workshops have received rave reviews from past participants and include accessory programming and coaching.

Swing Dance Lessons/Meet-Ups - January

Next meet-up: January 26th at 4:00pm

Location: Camp Rhino HQ

Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association - March 24th

 Sign up here

12:00pm – ?

6-9 year old Boys and Girls 

10-11 Boys and Girls

12-13 Boys and Girls

14-15 Boys and Girls


16+ Amateur Men and Women

16+ Professional Men and Women

40+ Men and Women

Amateur Men and Women will begin at the end of the Boys and Girls heats. 

More info on the Sign Up page.



Spartan/Epic Saturdays and Race info - February/March

Next meet-up: Every Saturday until the Epic Race February 23rd and the Spartan Race March 9th

Location: Camp Rhino HQ

Epic Race Info:

February 23rd, 2019

Epic Race Code: RHINO30 

Team Name: Camp Rhino

Team Captain: Andrew Thompson

Spartan Race Info: 

March 9th, 2019

Spartan Race Team Name: Camp Rhino

Team Captain


Rhino Intramural CrossFit AND Bootcamp Opens - April 5th - April 29th

We are hosting our own Intramural Open, complete with Harry Potter themed teams!

We are doing a Bootcamp version and CrossFit version! You may sign up to either or both.

How it works:

1) Sign up by March 25th here: https://competitioncorner.net/events/1945#.XGszzjNKi70 Code:  RhinoOpen19

2) We will be drawing names from the sorting hat in each class on Tuesday, March 26th at NW and Wednesday, March 27th at HQ. (You do not need to be present)

3) Just attend class on Fridays for a month once the Rhino Open starts April 5th!

  • We will be releasing one workout per week
  • you all have 3-4 days to complete it either in the Friday classes or through video posted in the Camp Rhino Members page for peer review. 

4) You will then submit your scores online and your participation will count for your team! 

Participation counts, so if you are a beginner we still want you to join us 😊😊😊 It will give you something to train for and help you make new friends!

$20, goes towards the coaches, leaderboard and final party.

Teams: Lyftendor, Ravenquad, Hufflebuff, Slythergains



Festivus Games (Beginner CrossFit Competition!) - April 27th



Beer Mile - DATE TBA

Details TBA


Family Carnival - May 18th

 Family Carnival 1pm-3pm with a blow up obstacle!


Rhino Open Celebration - May 18th

4pm – 7pm

Adult party to celebrate the end of the Rhino Open using the blow up obstacles and party games!


Memorial Day Murph - May 27th

 Camp Rhino is an official host of the 2019 Memorial Day Murph fundraiser for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation (501c3)

Bootcamp and CrossFit classes participate in this event each year on Memorial Day. 


Hawaii Spartan Trifecta Weekend - August 17th - 18th

 Team Name: Camp Rhino

Captain: Mason Cole


Tough Mudder Las Vegas - October 19th
Terrain Race - November 2nd

Team Name: Team Rhino

Captain: Gil Solis