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The best, most amazing gift we could ever give you <3

I want to give you a 2020 Goal Setting Session with one of our trainers. I feel it in my bones that 2020 is no ordinary year for you or me. This next year has the potential to be the best year ever. I spent $52,680 and over 500 hours on my own personal growth and the growth of your Trainers at Camp Rhino in 2019. This sounds crazy, but I knew that the more we know, the more we can help. Part of that expense was learning how to become a mentor while simultaneously paying for our own mentoring program.

What did I learn? Everyone needs a mentor…even mentors need mentors. 

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to train all our trainers how to help from a mentoring standpoint, in addition to the daily coaching. A great mentor starts with where you’re at, and helps you set goals. Then, they help you formulate action steps to reach those goals. But it is more than that. A great mentor checks in with you and helps you see the progress you’ve made towards your goals. This all seems like something you could do on your own, but none of us stop to do this without someone helping us. We all just keep striving and surviving, without stopping to make a plan and appreciate the steps we’ve taken to improve. This keeps us in a continuous life-loop of always surviving and rarely thriving. 

So what is the gift? We want to give you a 2020 Health and Fitness Goal Setting Session with one of our Trainers. Until you’ve felt the power of setting goals, setting action steps, and having a check-up on your progress, you will never realize what you’ve achieved. When you don’t realize how far you’ve come, you don’t feel the beautiful feeling of momentum necessary to sustain that upward progress. Our coaches are now trained to help you with your health and fitness goals, but you can use the same system to work on your financial, career, family and relationship goals. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your 2020 Goal Setting session anytime before the end of January.

Always learning, always sharing,

<3 Julie