Upcoming Rhino Community Events

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Spartan Saturday Practice Races and Race info

 Next meet-up: Every Saturday at 11:15 David Funk, Spartan SGX  and Camp Rhino Coach, sets up a practice obstacle course race guaranteed to leave you feeling completely exhausted and simultaneously confident about your next obstacle course race.

Price: $30. Free for Camp Rhino Members

Location: Camp Rhino Southeast

Sign Up: https://rhino-ninja-gym.triib.com/drop-in/ Look for the Saturday, 11:15 time slot in red.

To drop in or sign up for the Camp Rhino Boot Camp or CrossFit classes, go to www.camprhino.com.


Spartan DEKA Strong December 10th

Click here to register

Adult and 10-13 year old Youth divisions available.

Click here for more info on DEKA events.



Festivus Games April 23rd 2022

 3 person same sex teams and individual



Rhino Games - An afternoon of fun and games - January 29th 2022

Lil’ Rhinos welcome.

Check out the posters and the sign up sheets at your gym location for more details.

Potluck-style, family fun.



Valentines Day Massacre February 12th 2023

 2 person male and female teams

Scaled and RX divisions


The CrossFit Open

Hosted at both Camp Rhino Gym locations during the Friday RhinoFit classes.

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Sign up for the Open through the CrossFit Games 2022 Open Portal here.

Make sure to choose Rhino CrossFit as your affiliate when you register!