We can’t wait to help you start your journey!

I just emailed you the scheduler so you can get your appointment with a coach.

In the mean time, if you decide you’re ready to go and you know which plan you want to do, you may sign up here!

Included in the Classic 6 Week Challenge:

1) The Orientation and the Nutrition Workshop. You may choose to attend the workshop at the SE Headquarters location. If you can’t make this workshop, we will always have another one coming up soon that you can transfer your challenge to, as long as you do it before it starts. No refunds.

At the Workshop:

  • You learn the foundations of our nutrition program and the key to motivation and forming healthy habits.
  • You receive your Food and Fitness handbook and access to the Rhino Nutrition App.
  • You have the option to complete your initial Fit3D Scan (The Fit3D scanner is always at the Eastern and Warm Springs location. You may go anytime before or during the challenge to receive your scan. The Fit3D takes a 3D image of your body and gives you your analysis so you can see your progress.) Register for your Fit3D scan here. 

2) An initial 15 minute meeting with our Rhino Nutritionist where you will receive a month-long custom meal plan complete with portions based on your Basal Metabolic Rate and Lean Body Mass. There is no one-size fits all plan that works. Every person is unique and needs a unique meal plan to achieve the best results 😊

3) A follow up 15 minute meeting with our Rhino Nutritionist to go over your food intake and make sure your plan is helping you achieve your goals.

4) Accountability. Your progress will be tracked through our app and a trainer will be checking in with you to make sure you are progressing, as well as the check-ins from the Rhino Nutritionist.

5) You will have full access to both of our indoor Camp Rhino locations 7 days a week, as well as our outdoor classes.

6) Your final Fit3D Scan.

7) Your graduation get-together where awards will be given for highest attendance and camaraderie. You will also get a chance to meet past challengers at the get-together.

The Rhino 6 Week Challenge is all about clear, healthy goals, and starting your weight-loss or lifestyle journey with a like-minded group of people. You will lose weight/tone up and feel amazing as a beautiful side-effect of making small nutritional changes and attending your workout classes. You will finally break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent exercising. You will make the best investment of your life, and will start a new chapter in your life. And I will be with you every step of the way. Don’t wait, sign up today. There are only 20 spots available in the 6-week program, as we want to give everyone the attention they need.

Join the Facebook Event Page for the next Challenge HERE (you will be accepted once you register for the challenge)

Full refund if you do not achieve results! If you do not experience results (inches lost, strength, cardio, happiness, etc) and you completed the following, just ask for your money back at the end of your challenge.

  • Must do 24 classes in 6 weeks (42 days)
  • Must meet with the nutritionist at the beginning and middle of the 6 weeks
  • Must follow nutrition program by logging all their food in the app and matching their macros
  • Must watch all the nutrition video modules