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I saw Rose and Maya in class last week and was BLOWN away by how happy and confident Maya looked. I asked her Mom Rose about the changes she has seen in her daughter since they started January 24th and this was her reply.

Rose, talking about her 10 year old daughter, Maya (be prepared for tears of happiness): 

“Her confidence has increased so much! She went from wearing shirts 2-3 sizes too big to wearing clothes that actually fit her. She went from being anti social to a social butterfly. From couch potato (bean bag Nintendo player)  to let’s go out and do something even if that means just going grocery shopping even when she used to hate that. She started organizing her room and doing better in school. And I believe it has to do with her self image and confidence. 

Shes down 7lbs and has gained so much strength, and built up so much self confidence. She is so proud of herself and feels she can do anything she puts her mind to now. It has been a little over a month since we started working out and at first everything was intimidating and so hard to do but now she can do so much and it amazes her! I tell every day practice makes perfect, not only in class but in everything you do in life. If there’s something you want out of life just keep going at it no matter what and it will happen!

Climbing over walls and running up the walls, etc, are obstacles physically, but mentally help you understand that you can overcome anything if you keep trying.  It has helped her out of depression and made her love herself and be so proud of herself. She is happy in her own skin which she hasn’t been for the last year or so. She sees all these girls on tiktok and YouTube that are so pretty that she used to look at and feel she wasn’t pretty enough but now she sees her own beauty and feels amazing.

Hell yes, share her story because everyone should find their own beauty and happiness! Thank you and all the coaches for the amazing place you all have created.”