FINA Competition


1. Click on the link below
2. Click “Competitions”
3. Select which FINA comp you’d like to compete in (Speed, Endurance, or BOTH)
 NOTE: If you have multiple athletes competing, you will need to select as many competitor passes as you have athletes.
4. Select “FINA Spectator” for the number of people you are bringing to watch (not counting athletes)
5. Click “Pay”

For Rhino Ninja Gym Members:

6. Click on the “Existing Member” tab
7. Look up your child’s account and enter their 4-digit PIN #. (You created the PIN # when you signed them up at Camp Rhino. If you forgot you can email Parker, and he will get it for you.)
8. Click “Sign In”
9. Select “Charge Account Now”
10. Confirm “I’m not a robot”
11. Click “Complete Purchase”
For NON-RNG Members:
6. Click on the “New Member/Visitor” tab
7. Enter competitor First Name, Last name, and your email address.
8. Select “Credit Card”
9. Enter Credit Card information
10. Confirm “I’m not a robot”
11. Click “Complete Purchase”

**NOTE: After signing up all of your athletes, please email with the following items:

    • First and Last Name of each kid
    • Age Divisions “ie. 7U, 9U, etc…”
    • Ninja Works ID