Happy New Years Rhinos!
We are kicking off the new year by bringing back our scholarship program!
And that means our crazy workout fundraisers!
Let us know if you know of an awesome past rhino or current rhino who needs a little help affording their membership!
The last time we ran this program was during the 2008 recession and we continued to run it for a decade. We feel like it’s time to bring it back.
I will be personally hosting workout fundraisers in fun Las Vegas locations for anyone who can join!
I’m scouting locations and will be hosting the workouts at least once a month!
I already have the first location (no, it’s not the park in this video…it’s a surprise! It’s near Summerlin, but that’s all I’ll tell you 🤩)
Ill be posting the event soon, but wanted to get nominations in for the scholarship first!