We are fundraising for Esmi and Franky while they wait with their new baby girl Amelia for her new heart 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Free drop-in for Saturday’s ‘Amelia Strong’ Workout this Saturday with donation.

How to donate:

Please donate via Esmi’s venmo at EsmeGarcia-07 or her Zelle with her email es.garcia963@gmail.com.

How to get your free drop-in:

  1. Check out the schedule here: Northwest Camp Rhino, Southeast Camp Rhino
  2. Come to either location, SE or NW and show the coach your donation.
  3. Please fill out the waiver ahead of time: Northwest Waiver, Southeast Waiver

Franky and Esmi have been members since November, 2015.

​​Franky proposed to Esmi in 2017 at Camp Rhino, involving all of us in the proposal.

We celebrated their wedding and then a few years later we celebrated the announcement of their addition to the family, baby Amelia.​​

Before I even heard the news of little Amelia’s need for a heart transplant, one of our rhino Doctors called me and said ‘I know you guys do fundraisers for members when they are going through situations like this, do you think we could do one?’

She had been helping them navigate the hospitals.

Of course, I cried, no family should have to go through something like this, but I also cried because I was so thankful to have a community who cares so deeply.

This is what community is for. To be there for each other in the toughest of times and cheer for each other in the best of times, too.

Any support you can send is appreciated. We are asking you to send your donation directly to Esmi’s venmo at EsmeGarcia-07 or her Zelle with her email es.garcia963@gmail.com

Every little bit helps as they are currently living in the hospital with Amelia💕💕

To receive updates on baby Amelia’s journey, click here.