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We don’t sign up for Obstacle Course Races, Boot Camp Battles and CrossFit Competitions because we are ready to compete. We don’t sign up because we are in good enough shape or have been putting in the work. We are nervous, scared, and we sign up because we want to see if we can do it. We want to see if we will work harder, knowing the competition is coming. We want to train for a purpose beyond weight loss and health.
We don’t compete because we think we can be the best, we compete because it brings out the best in us. 
We don’t compete because we are young, we compete because we know we will never be this young again. We need to find out what we are capable of against others who are our age (whether that age is 21 or 65).
I never push as hard as I do when I’m competing. And I never feel such a sense of accomplishment as I do when I’m competing. It brings out an extra level, and extra gear in us that we didn’t know we had.
You don’t ever have to compete if you don’t want to, but I know a lot of you think about it and don’t think you are ready. If that’s you, talk to your coach or call us at 702-767-8797 so we can help guide you and get you ready.
So, Rhinos, if you want to sign up for your next competition, do it! No matter where you are at in your fitness journey. It might be what you need to drive you forward, to break your plateaus, and even give you confidence and purpose for the first time. We will coach you and get you ready.
If it’s your first time, do the Rhino Wet’n’Wild Race, the Olympia Event #1, Olympia Event #3, The Rhino Rumble Scaled, or the Boot Camp Battle. These are Rhino Events and we will be there to coach you and take care of you. We will also be at the Tahoe Spartan World Championships and the Laughlin Spartan Race if you want to join our team!
<3 Julie
Upcoming events:
  • Rhino Crossfit @ Mr Olympia Expo September 14-15, 2018 (individual, masters) (7th straight year, 8 years total doing this one)
    $5,000 in prize money, this year will be 4 events with $$ to 1st and 2nd male/female/masters each event, each event available to perform for 4 hours segments whenever you want!
  • Rhino Rumble @ Camp Rhino HQ – October 20, 2018 (M/F partner comp, Rx/Scaled) 3rd time holding this event. Male and female pairs Crossfit competition (most likely to have some OCR elements)
  • Boot Camp Battle @ Camp Rhino NW December 1, 2018 (M/M or F/F comp, all one division)
    Same sex pairs take on an all metcon/cardio competition with weights manageable by anyone, easy and fast gymnastics, sleds, bodyweight moving! Be prepared to breathe fire. Last year this was a big hit!
New Rhino Offerings:
  • Yoga – At both locations, Yoga has been an amazing addition to Camp Rhino! Check the schedules out, more classes will be added soon.
  • Kids Fun Classes – Members can workout while their kids exercise and play with David Funk at HQ at 4:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! $5 per kid. We are working on developing something similar at NW.
  • Personal Training – If you are scared to get started or you just want to master some skills, we have amazing personal trainers for you! $45/30 minutes or $70/hour! Call 702-767-8797 or email