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Last night it took all my willpower to resist a bag of Jelly Bellies someone gave me for Christmas. For those of you who have not heard my story, I am a food addict. There was a time when my entire life revolved around food. I even started my business in 2004 JUST so I could eat whatever I wanted to. The Rhino 6 Week Challenge changed everything for me and I was able to take control over my life and my food addiction. However, for those of us who have an addiction to something, we know that the problem is never truly gone. Normally I would have no problem resisting a bag of Jelly Bellies, but this week I broke my own rule. I had a ‘treat meal’ every day for 4 days.
My rule is to never have a treat meal more than once in 48 hours. I always tell 6 Week Challengers on their graduation day “You feel invincible right now, like you couldn’t be tempted by food, but it can all change in an instant. If you have one fun ‘treat meal’, you’ll still be okay. But, if you have treat meals multiple days in a row the cravings will come rushing back. And then it’s like starting all over again.”
So I’m here, back at square one, dreaming of tasty food and knowing it will take about 3 weeks of eating ‘on-challenge’ to get rid of my cravings again. Knowing so many of you personally, I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who gave in to the gluttony of the holidays. We can’t change what we ate this month, but we CAN look forward to a new year of working out with friends, completing challenges, and reaching our goals. We know that nothing feels better than properly feeding our bodies, working out, and getting enough sleep.
If you email me your goals for 2018, I’ll put them in a book at HQ. And I’ll check up on you personally to see how you are coming along.
We can do this!
<3 Julie
PS. At the start of 2016, I made all my passwords a unique combination of ‘2016bestyearever.’ Plus some random characters. And 2016 was awesome. In 2017 I didn’t do this. And 2017 started and ended pretty spicy. I’m going to do this again for 2018. It’s not magic, but it keeps me in the right mindset, and we all know mindset is key.