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In 15 years, Ive never had Rhino closed. Just like you all, I’ve never NOT had the choice to workout with my group. But I’ve learned something from this Coronavirus lock-down. I’ve learned that I don’t want to be at Camp Rhino without you all. I haven’t done a single workout besides the at-home workouts all of you are doing because I don’t want to be at Camp Rhino using the other equipment if you all can’t. I’m thankful to have these at-home workouts for the future when I can’t make it to the gym, they’re pretty cool. But it’s not the workout or the equipment that matters to me. It’s being with my coaches and with you all. When we were outdoors in the parks, before we had Camp Rhino, we longed for a headquarters, for somewhere that we could go at any time during the day and meet up with other nice, happy people to workout and feel good for an hour. When we opened Camp Rhino, we got that! Both gyms are wonderful, happy havens for me and I’m not letting them go. I thank you all for your dedication and incredible compassion during this time. We feel for our rhinos who have lost their jobs and we are incredibly thankful to those who have kept their memberships to support our coaches during this time. We are going to show our thanks by hosting the biggest, most amazing family reunions at both locations in 26 days. And after that, we are going to embrace the challenges that invite us to become the best versions of ourselves in order to keep our happy places open. Rhinos don’t back down. When the going gets tough, the ground trembles beneath us as we charge ahead with a single-minded mission.