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“He used to have to lay in bed for anywhere from 10-20 minutes because getting out of bed would require him to mentally prepare for the pain that comes with putting weight on his feet” Learn how Rhino Member Kevin Hoyt went from in pain to jumping out of bed ready to tackle his day!

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**Kevin’s story:**

I have been a member of the Rhino family off and on for many years. Because of several accidents and injuries over the years I move with great difficulty and that shows most often when I attend a class. After observing me for a few months Derrick approached and offered to help. He explained that my balance and mobility were tied together and that with a little time and training he could help me improve both.

We worked out a schedule and I began meeting with him twice a week. Let me say that I personally do not usually subscribe to having a personal trainer but I needed help and came into this not only open but eager to start improving.

This session was not at all what one would usually expect when going to the gym. With lots of stretching and muscle rolling Derrick focuses on the issues you have and the movements and stretches that will make you improve. When you start going to the gym you have all these goals and plans for a PR or achievement. This course had a goal of simply making me feel better, stronger and more balanced. Every day was a PR as I noted less and less pain involved in my movements and even my strength was increasing in leaps. I think Derrick would explain It as, the strength increase was more a result of having my balance and being able to move better so that I could push myself and grow stronger. Someone asked recently what is the difference is between flexibility and mobility. Simply, flexibility is a more static gauge of range of movement while mobility is the dynamic ability to move and perform exercise.

Now the class I took one on one with Derrick is going to be offered at NW Rhino and I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to increase your strength, balance and mobility Derricks class will produce a measurable result.

From skeptic to believer

Kevin Hoyt