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The 5 Steps are listed below!

For 15 years, I’ve ridden the roller coaster of weight-loss and weight-gain, happiness and unhappiness. I know what it is like to try all the ‘plans’ and get frustrated when I would not only fall off the wagon, but gain more weight than I had before! At some points, I felt like it might be impossible for me to lose weight, not only because of my lack of motivation and self control, but also because I wasn’t sure it was possible for me. At first, I knew I couldn’t follow strict diet and exercise programs and wondered if anything would work for me. I want to teach you the first 5 steps to losing weight and taking control of your future happiness. These 5 steps are easy, and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do in this video.


I own two gyms in Las Vegas and have seen thousands of people lose weight and take control of their lives and happiness in different ways, with different programs. Everyone is different and everyone should follow different lifestyle, nutrition and fitness plans, but we can all start with the same 5 steps. 


These 5 steps are the beginning of playing the long game with your weight-loss and happiness. You can’t make a plan on how you will reach your goals without first knowing where you are now. Don’t get lazy and NOT do this. You’re going to have to trust me as someone who has not only been there, but also someone who has helped thousands of people just like you.

Step 1: Get a notebook or personal calendar.

Step 2: Write down where you are today. Trust me when I tell you that to make progress, you need to record, in detail, where your starting point is. When I first decided I was going to lose weight once and for all, I neglected this part because I didn’t want to face where I was. I didn’t want to know what my personal ugly truth was. But here’s the problem with never facing where you are starting: you don’t realize you’re actually making progress. You have to know where you’re starting and celebrate every small win to gain and keep momentum and motivation. When you track where you are and celebrate your wins, even wins as small as drinking water and eating vegetables, you keep your momentum and motivation until you reach your BIG goals! So let’s write down where you are. Face your fears and give into the emotional relief and freedom that comes with acknowledging where you are today.

  • How do you feel? (I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I don’t want to go out with friends. I feel sad.)
  •  What size clothes do you wear?
  • Are you comfortable in them?
  • How do you feel at work? (I don’t want to be in front of groups anymore giving presentations)
  • How do you feel about your relationships?  (I am scared my boyfriend isn’t attracted to me anymore)
  • In the last 24 hours:
    1.  What did you eat and drink and how much? For example, 2 eggs, 1 toast, 2 Tbsp peanut butter, 1 cup coffee, 2 Tbsp half in half. Be detailed. If you don’t remember, record today’s, but if you know you would normally eat and drink more, record that. The idea is to record a day in your life NOW, not a day where you’re trying to be better about your nutrition because you’re following this video!
    2. How much sleep did you get?
    3. How were your stress levels?
    4.  How much did you exercise?
    5. How were your energy levels throughout the day? (if you don’t remember, start recording your levels now. For example, I woke up tired. Felt better after breakfast, got tired again around noon)
  • Record your weight at the end of today.
  • Tomorrow:
    1. Record your weight at the beginning of the day (right when you wake up)

Step 3: Imagine it’s one year into the future. Answer the same questions as if you have just had the best year of your life, and you are exactly who you want to be:

  1.  How do you feel? (I am happy. I feel confident)
  2. What size clothes do you wear?
  3.  Are you comfortable in them?
  4.  How do you feel at work? (My brain is so much clearer, and I am so much more confident)
  5. How do you feel about your relationships?  (I feel secure and loved)


This exercise is crucial. Even in my high-level mastermind group for business, we do this every quarter. So don’t skip it! You have to know where you’re at AND where you want to go!

Step 4: Now that you know what a day in your life looks like, you know where you’re starting emotionally AND physically, and you know where you want to be 1 year from now, we are ready to get started!

Choose one of the following habits to implement daily into your life without fail. You are welcome to start as many of these as you want, but we will be celebrating and tracking ONE starting today. Once you choose your habit, start recording in a daily calendar that you completed your habit.

  • Eat 2 servings of vegetables and ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water
  • Track your daily energy, sleep, nutrition, and exercise
  • Exercise daily for at least 5 minutes, either at home or at the gym (download our DIY At-Home Workout Calculator here)

Step 5: Establish a reward for yourself when you have completed your daily habit for 21 days. For example: a massage, a weekend away, a show you want to see, etc. Write down the reward in your notebook or calendar on the day that you will receive it for completing your habit for 21 days. If you miss a day, no worries, just start back at 1 again! We are playing the long game, and it’s okay to have to start over. 3 days is better than zero days!

Repeat steps 1-4 when you feel like your new habit has stuck and you’re ready to take on another habit. Record where you are again, in depth. See what has changed just from changing that single habit!

Starting with these simple steps WILL transform your life. All you have to do is get started and the momentum will snowball until your very identity is transformed. How you see yourself and even your desires start to change. You aren’t just forcing yourself to exercise and eat healthy, you have BECOME someone who exercises and eats healthy…no forcing required. I have tried to go strict with diet and exercise right off the bat before, hoping for a fast transformation, and I ended up worse than before. These first 5 steps will be your catalyst if you let them. Then, you will find yourself not only WANTING a more custom plan from one of our nutritionists, but you will also have the momentum and motivation to FOLLOW a more custom plan. 

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