Weekly Challenge:

This one is a doozy. We are doing an Attendance Challenge. But not just any attendance challenge. We are challenging you to 6 Weeks of at least 4 classes per week. Any bonus classes on top of that will put you in the running to win a 30 Minute PT Session, or half off any of our events or Workshops. Plus, pride. There will be posters at both Camp Rhino HQ and NW Where you write down your name and start tracking your attendance for ALL to see. Top 5 Attendees from NW and Top 5 from HQ will win the PT Session, top 10 from NW and top 10 from HQ will win 50% off an event or Workshop! Check out the cool poster I’m getting printed… Just write your name down next time you’re in class and your trainer will check your box!

Officially starts June 18th!