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A discounted special is a great way to share what we love with friends, so we are sharing this with you! March is a great month to try something new, so which one haven’t you tried yet? Bootcamp? CrossFit? Personal Training?

This month you can try Bootcamp any Friday in March, bring a friend free to a whole month of personal training sessions, and get 50% off a beginner CrossFit On-boarding one-on-one!

Click here for your Free Friday Bootcamps!

If you haven’t tried bootcamp yet, this is your chance! Our bootcamp classes are different every single day and are designed to shape your body while challenging you at your fitness level. All you have to do is show up and your coach will guide you every step of the way. They will modify movements you can’t do, while teaching you how to progress towards your individual goals.

Click Here for 50% off Crossfit On-Boarding

Does CrossFit seem WAY too intimidating to start? But you’re intrigued by the idea of lifting weights and learning new movements? This March special allows you to try 3 one-on-one CrossFit on-boarding sessions for 50% off so you can learn the movements and see if you like it!

Bring a friend FREE to your Personal Training Sessions for a Month!

This is your chance to split the price of Personal Training with a friend and choose what YOU want to focus on for a month. Do you want to focus on firming and toning? Building Muscle? Learning Weightlifting? Getting your Muscle-ups? Building your Booty? A personal trainer designs programs specifically for your goals and helps you reach them faster πŸ™‚

I hope your March is filled with fun and fitness <3Β