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My new job is two-fold: I meet with every single new person who comes into Camp Rhino and I sit down with our current members for Strategy Sessions. I’m absolutely blown away by the stories I get to hear.

Today I answered a phone call of a Mom who has a 14 year old son who is getting bullied for his weight at school. He is a sweet kid and has been denied entry into High School Sports because he is too big. I can’t wait to get him working out and learning nutrition with Anna (the Rhino Nutritionist).

Yesterday I spoke with a man whose boss encouraged him to join Camp Rhino. He said he has never enjoyed working out and always has to force himself to go to the gym, but he can never make it stick. I can’t wait to find out which class he will like best and get him addicted to his new life.

I met with a 24 year old man who didn’t want to be skinny anymore and wants to put on mass.

I met with a mother of 3 who is working an extra shift at her work to cover her membership. She has fought through cancer and personal loss and wants to be healthy for her kids.

And guess what? I get to meet with all of them again in 3 months at their Strategy Sessions. I get to watch them become the hero of their story.