The RhinoLife 28 Week Total Transformation Challenge

This is the most impactful, life-changing experience ever offered by Camp Rhino. If you have already attended a 6 Week Challenge introduction, you are welcome to jump in to the RhinoLife 28 Total Transformation Challenge. You must be a member at Camp Rhino to participate.

The RhinoLife 28 is designed to help you feel unstoppable mentally and physically. Your energy levels and excitement for training your body will be unprecedented. Our focus will be on total happiness and wellness inside and out. We don’t want you to just be fit, we want you to have a happy life. As Julie Johnston, the owner of Camp Rhino, realized – reaching your goal weight does not make you happy unless you truly love yourself and become your best self. Once you love yourself, you will have love for those around you and you will finally lead a happy life.

The RhinoLife 28 includes:

  • 28 weekly Mini-Challenges that will keep you motivated towards your goal without taking any extra time away from your family or careers. No tracking, apps, or logging required. Each Mini-Challenge is only 1-2 weeks long.
  • Admission into the RhinoLife community, where you will make friends with like-minded people.
  • A mentor who will be checking up on you and helping you stay accountable (May 22nd RhinoLifers will be mentored personally by Julie Johnston)
  • Monthly Fit3D scans
  • Monthly nutrition meetings with Anna.
  • Unlimited access to Camp Rhino, Rhino CrossFit, and Boot Camp Las Vegas classes (must have membership to Camp Rhino to do the RhinoLife 28 Challenge)
  • Access to the monthly motivational workshops with Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino and Chef Anjo. At the workshops, there will be a motivational topic that will be discussed as a group as well as dinner and camaraderie. (Only accessible to the RhinoLife Community, only $15 to cover food)
  • Access to process groups led by a counselor on topics such as self-love, courage, and overcoming depression and anxiety.

What is after the RhinoLife 28 Mind, Body and Happiness Total Transformation Graduation?

This is the best part. After you graduate the RhinoLife 28, you will enter the highest calling of all. You will be paid to become a mentor for the brand new RhinoLife 28 Community Members. The secret to happiness is loving yourself and sharing that love with others. Can you imagine yourself getting paid to help people graduate the program that helped you find happiness?