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Thank you to the Franquez family for sharing their struggles (personal space is needed!) and triumphs (12 Year Old Rhett lost 7 lbs!) during the shut-down! 

Crystal and Jake Franquez are a normal family who have been rhino members for a decade. They share their honest and heartwarming family dynamic with us in this interview! We watched their son and daughter grow up and it is so fun to see them learning and navigating life as a family. When I found out that their son Rhet lost 7 pounds since Crystal started the 12 week challenge, I just had to interview them. Changing how they eat as a family AND having him do the at home workouts has been life-changing for him! She said he doesn’t always want to do the workouts with her, but she makes him even when he ‘whines.’ We can all relate to this. Even our adults whine about having to do the workouts sometimes (lol, you know who you are!). She said her daughter Madeson was already skinny but she’s getting muscles thanks to the at-home workouts! 

The whole family does the Rhino At-Home workouts together and they say it keeps them busy and gives them a routine to follow. 

The biggest thing they learned from their rhino nutritionist Sabrina was the plate method. They started eating more vegetables and learned how to read labels for sugar. She said the kids had no idea how much sugar they drank, so it was very helpful. They are cooking as a family more and they have been exercising at least 5 times per week. 

Crystal said, “Just like coaches Lauren and Sabrina keep telling us, it’s a lifestyle transition, not a diet.”

I asked her to send over her family routine in case it helps other families: 

“We usually wake up around 8 and eat breakfast and feed our pets and I checkin with my students for the day and the kids get started on their school work. Then around 10 we do whatever the workout is as a family  then we have lunch. We check in with our school work again and finish anything up and my son practices his instruments ( guitar, piano, and cello) that usually take us all to 3 ish. Then we do some chores dishes laundry cleaning etc. Kids are great weed pullers! Then we go for another walk usually just my husband and I to have some alone time and the kids like to watch some of their own shows or play on their devices. Then we have dinner and watch a movie or a show or play games(chess or monopoly)as a family. I don one last checkin with my class and post work and videos for the next day and respond to all the days work from them. Kids Goto bed around 10. And we Goto bed later to have some quiet adult time. We are getting along pretty good but there is arguing over school work and the workouts still. But it is getting less and less as we keep going and don’t give in lol.” – Crystal