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I have heard these words from not one, but many of my precious 6 Week Challengers. Each of them had a list of reasons they ‘hated’ themselves. “I hate my legs, I hate my butt, I hate my stomach, I have acne, I’m fat, I’m slow, I’m the worst one in class.” They weren’t looking for sympathy or compliments. They had tears in their eyes and they were looking for change. They wanted to love themselves.
We had a breakthrough at the RhinoLife 28 Week Challenge kick-off. One of our brave Rhinos shared that she used to tell herself how much she ‘hated’ herself, especially while working out in class. ‘Why am I so slow? Why can’t I do these exercises? I suck.’ And then she talked about how she realized she would “never talk to anyone else the way I talk to myself.” She has been able to slowly change her mental game and started celebrating what her body can do. I asked her “What do you tell yourself now during class.” She said “I say I am doing great! I can do this! I am thankful I can exercise! I couldn’t run this far before and now I can!”
One of my main purposes in life is to help my Rhinos love themselves and find their inner hero. And last night, at the end of my final challenger meetings, I think I met someone who can help me do this. She’s a Rhino and a therapist. Together, we are going to host ‘Process Groups’ for various different life challenges that our Rhinos face.
The first Process Group is going to be for a maximum of 12 Rhinos who want to conquer their negative self talk and start loving themselves (first dibs to RhinoLife 28 Week Challengers). It is probably going to be on a Monday when our Rhino Therapist is in Henderson. We are going to meet in the forge room, and we are going to have some breakthrough moments together. We will have more of these group meetings, just in case all the spots get taken. Reserve your spot here and we will email you the date and time:
Love and hugs,