I have not hosted this workshop in over a year, so be sure to reserve your spot before all the spots are filled.

A message from Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino:

I’m Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino. I know what it feels like to be overweight and completely unhappy. I know what it feels like to go on a diet and be completely miserable, tired and hungry. I know what it feels like to think it might be impossible to ever feel confident or look the way I want to look.


In my workshop, I share my story and all my secrets that I’ve learned in the last 15 years  helping our Camp Rhino Members. I teach you the happy way to change your life. The way that finally sticks.


I’ve hosted this workshop 62 times, but haven’t hosted in over a year because I started a couple businesses and started mentoring other business owners. After listening to some of our new members stories, I felt the need to offer the workshop again, but this time it’s different. It’s for women, only. We are going to go deeper into what helps us live confident, healthy lives.


This workshop will give you a plan for living your best life. A plan that is actually doable, instead of overwhelming and easily quit-able. This workshop is my service project for our community, and my goal is to help you find your motivation and inspiration to live your best life.

Post workshop email: “I have never – in my life and career – encountered such a genuine, honest, kind, wholehearted, and transparent business owner. You blew me away. I own two businesses (realtor & podcast/video production company) and I strive to operate exactly the way that you do. Frankly, it’s all I know. Be honest, be kind, be open, give, give, give, smile, have fun, care for people…” 

Laci, @lasvegasgal

Going to the workshop has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m taking my life back one step at a time, one pound at a time. Camp Rhino is truly my happy place, and I’m eternally grateful for all the new friends/famliy I have there! #RhinoTough Thank you,Julie Johnston and all the coaches and Rhino family!! ❤️🦏💪

Patti Morello

7 years with an amazing organization, of fitness, friends, crying, laughing, and lots and lots of mental health healing. ❤️ 
I’ve come a long way from 286 lbs when I started. 💕💕💕

Stephanie Metler Smith

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