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Do you ever finish your work day so worn out emotionally that you have no idea what to do with yourself? You think you might want to curl up on the couch and stare blankly into space, or maybe cry, or maybe eat chocolate? This is how I felt Thursday. 

Luckily my routine says that I go to Coach Debbie’s bootcamp every night when I get off in time. And I know that Debbie will be there with her happy smile and her uplifting personality. I know I won’t have to think about anything, she will tell me what to do and somehow make me want to do it. And I know the other people in my class just finished their tough work days and they wouldn’t miss. They will be there. 

When I finished class last Thursday, and we were all in a sweaty circle, stretching (because Debbie loves us and makes us), I turned to Nina to my right and said “I feel so amazing right now. Just an hour ago I was numb and didn’t know what to do with myself. So glad I came.” She said “that’s the reward we all come for! Traffic is always rough for me, but I wouldn’t miss.” 

I captured the above video of Debbie giving me a pep talk: “Your worst day at work is your best day here.” And boy is she right. Thursday ended up being a fantastic day because I got to go to bootcamp. For the record, my days aren’t bad, I just give myself wholeheartedly to my work and sometimes there is not much left at the end of the day…

You might be wondering, “What is your job Julie? I thought you owned Camp Rhino?” I do own Camp Rhino, but my personal vision is to ‘Save the people who are saving the World.’ I believe that coaches and gym owners who care save people from disease and early deaths, while making them happier, kinder, and more productive humans! I work as a Mentor for other Gym owners for Two Brain Business. And I own Camp Rhino 😉 

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I spent most of my adult life being a martyr for my gym. I had no savings, no personal insurance, no retirement plan, and more often than not I was in debt from borrowing money to pay payroll and rent. Somehow though, I was still changing lives. There are so many amazing stories of people who transformed themselves and their lives just by getting addicted to fitness and healthy nutrition. This kept me going. 

I always wanted to help people, and loved coaching. The problem was: I was always stressed, always saying no to hanging out with friends and family because I was trying to ‘save my business’ and needed to work. My health was affected, my relationships were affected, and I missed out on a lot of quality time with loved ones. It didn’t have to be that way, but I didn’t know anyone who had done it any different that I could ask for help. 

Enter Two Brain Business. They have been a catalyst for me and my gym. If you walk into my gym now, you will notice happy members, happy staff, and a happy me. The best part is that my staff are taken care of. And because they’re taken care of, they can focus on taking care of our members. Just like Debbie, all our coaches give us the best part of our day! I know what having mentoring and support meant to me, and I love giving that to other gym owners and their staff on a daily basis. Even when the mentoring takes all I have in me, I’m so glad that I get to go to my favorite place and be with some of my favorite people at Rhino every day.

Love and hugs to all my hard working friends!


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