We have the Obstacles to train you for Spartan, Tough Mudder and Terrain Race!

Training for an obstacle course race?

You may train on the obstacles any day of the week by scheduling a session with David! We do not have open gym obstacle drop-ins due to insurance requirements. You must schedule with a coach in advance.

But did you know that Saturdays are all about obstacles? You may schedule one on one (or group sessions) with David, our Obstacle Specialist anytime to learn the obstacles, and then you can join us every Saturday for a practice obstacle course race! The Practice obstacle course race is on the schedule at camprhino.com. 11:30am set-up, 11:45 or noon start. Schedule a session with David first to learn safety and techniques before participating in the Saturday Practice Race.

Is this your first time doing obstacles with us?

You will start out with a one-on-one with David Funk, our Certified Obstacle Specialist. He will ease you into your session by asking you your goals and your history. He can teach you the obstacle techniques, set up a course for you to try, and will start you with a series of tests to figure out how we can help you train for the obstacles you want to do.


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