We have a CRAZY free January New Years Challenge for you… Scroll down to learn more.

All challenges are for both locations.

100% refund if you complete 20 classes in 6 weeks.

This is a 2022 gift to 20 new or returning members at each location.


We want you to have the motivation you need to get back into fitness and stick with it.


Because pushing hard and having fun with friends makes each day beautiful.


What is more motivating than paying $300…and getting it all back when you attend just 20 classes in 6 weeks?


That’s barely 3 classes per week, cumulatively plus 2 more. You can do it.


And before all the objections come to mind ‘what if I get in a car wreck, what if I have to move to Australia?’ just know we are a family run local gym with a 17 year legacy who cares about its people. We always do ‘the next right thing.’


So grab your spot in the challenge and get started!


You can start any time by texting us which class you want to come to { (702) 996-8617 }, or join me at one of the January ‘Get-Back-In-The-Gym’ Kick-offs we have coming up! (Check your email and our social media for details)


Call us if you need help signing up 🙂 702-767-8797

A message from Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino:

I’m Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino. I know what it feels like to be overweight and completely unhappy. I know what it feels like to go on a diet and be completely miserable, tired and hungry. What if I told you that there’s a happy way to lose weight? A way that allows you to eat delicious food and feel amazing at the same time? My ‘Foodie, Fit-In-Your-Jeans’ plan is the first nutrition program that has ever worked for me. I was able to get addicted to the new way I was eating, instead of feeling miserable and looking forward to the diet being over.


If you’re looking for a place where you will be accepted just as you are, a place where you will feel like you belong, a place you can make friends and be a part of a community while changing your life, Camp Rhino is the place for you! You will start working out with new friends, you will start eating healthy, and you will start feeling AMAZING. One of the neat things about starting your journey with the 6 Week Challenge is that you start your classes with a bunch of other like-minded people. Our coaches love helping you ease into fitness and want you to feel comfortable and excited to come to class. PS…check out my challenge before and afters below



Come talk to us about your goals

There are so many different ways we can help you. Maybe the 6 Week Challenge is the jump start you need to change your life, or maybe the group classes are the best way to start. We are ready to help guide you to your best self. Come meet with a coach so we can help.



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