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Dee is a long-time and beloved member at Camp Rhino! She joined the nutrition program this year because she wanted more guidance about how to get the most out of her workouts! As a full-time hair stylist, it was always difficult for her to sneak meals in during her day. We worked together to improve her day by building in time for meals, and planning snacks to supplement her lifestyle! On top of that, she preps food like a pro, going into each week totally prepared so she doesn’t have to guess! Now she no longer suffers from low energy, or fear of carbohydrates! She is stronger, faster, and so much more confident!

Jami is an outdoor bootcamper who was looking to clean up her eating. She worked out regularly but felt like something was missing. She used the summer to get herself back on track and made crazy progress! She was able to lose fat mass and build some serious muscle. She is more confident in her skin, as well as at the grocery store! Knowing what to eat is no longer a mystery, and she was able to share this knowledge with her husband as well.

Raymond told us about his property he bought in Maine that he was going to retire on. He talked about how he wanted to enjoy the acres and climb the tree stands. Ray conquered the cargo net at Camp Rhino, among many other amazing feats. He has been doing personal training and custom nutrition for over three months now. He has learned life lasting tools – such as how to cook and meal prep, track his food, and practice consistency with his new habits. Raymond went from practically zero nutrition knowledge to massive physical results and new tools in his nutrition toolbox!

Steps To Get Started:


We understand there is a lot of mixed information on the internet. At Camp Rhino, we are here to find out where you are starting from and formulate a plan customized for you!


Meet with a nutrition expert to create a simple and sustainable plan. At Camp Rhino, we focus on education and changing behavior to help you take control of your health. Our mission is to prevent disease and promote optimal health for all our clients.


Transform your health with the ongoing support and accountability of your nutrition coach.

How Nutrition Coaching at Camp Rhino Can Help You


Receive a Customized Plan Made Just For You


Ongoing Support and Accountability To Ensure Progress


Receive Tons of Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas


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