Nighttime Eating: Good or Bad?

Our belief that eating at night leads to weight gain is founded on the notion that while we are sleeping, our bodies are metabolically inactive. This is simply UNTRUE! It’s also assuming that our normal energy intake, sleep and exercise habits do not play a role. Our body is constantly at work, and even more so as we sleep. While we sleep, we are expending less energy on thinking, processing information and moving, and all of our energy on healing, replenishing, and rebuilding. 

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Rhino Open T-Shirt Orders

Rep your Rhino Open Team with your teams Rhino Open 19 Shirt The first button is for Ravenquad/Slythergains/Lyftendor. The second button is for Hufflebuff because they are special (and Paypal only allowed me 9 shirt descriptions per button LOL) Click the dropdown to...

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My gym helped me lose hundreds of pounds — and not an ounce of it was off my body. – by Kaitlyn Lesnikoski

Skipping all the details… my mid-20’s we’re a miserable mess. I had to move across the country and restart my life — I entered grad school and found my dream job, but I lost my entire social circle and had no idea how to navigate healthy relationships. My self esteem was also obliterated. I ESPECIALLY had no idea where to draw boundaries. I couldn’t pick out a healthy social interaction from a destructive one if my life depended on it.

Then here comes my gym. This place full of ninja equipment and barbells. This place where people asked to get to know me and cheered for me every time I hit a PR. This place where SOMEHOW everyone was smiling… even during grueling workouts. I remember when I first signed up for the gym the owner gave a speech and told the challengers… “These members, they’re my family and my positive support network — they can be yours too.” I had rolled my eyes at her entire speech, but my doubtful attitude didn’t stop the gym goers from high five-ing me for every achievement I made. I could roll my eyes for weeks, it wasn’t going to stop the athletes around me from loving on me through every work out.

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Master Your Meal Prep

We all know that preparing our meals (before the moment we need them) is the smartest choice for reaching our goals. Nutrition makes up 80% of our results, while only 20% actually comes from our workout routine. When I sit with clients to set goals and we create a game plan, meal prepping comes up the most frequently! It’s not that we don’t understand how this could help us, or why it is so important. The disconnect lies here: the path from hitting the grocery store to putting a stack of prepared meals in the fridge is unclear.

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