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Meet our staff (still working on this page lol)

What makes you stay on top of your game?

“I want to learn. I want to know the best way to help someone whether that person is looking to just add a few years to their life, get their first pull up, or training for something big (Ironman, CrossFit Games). Everyone has a different story and perspective, getting to listen and figure out what it is that made them want to make a drastic change to their life that I/we get to play a role in is huge. When you realize the impact your actions and words can have on someone else, you begin to want to be the best role model and influence you can. I want to learn everything I can about health, fitness, nutrition because the more I know, the more I can help those that look to me for it.”

Anthony Peressini

Group Coach, Personal Trainer, Obstacle Engineer


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