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Did you know you can schedule a strategy session with Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino, Jack the Physical Therapist, John the Head Coach and Knower of All Things, Anthony the Programmer Extraordinaire/USAW Certified Coach, Lauren the Compassionate and Wonderful Coach, or Jathan the Best Listener and Problem Solver Coach?

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Pause your membership

Before you pause, did you know we have personal training available if you are suffering from an injury? A lot of trainers also offer modifications in the classes for anyone who has an injury 🙂

You may also schedule with our Physical Therapist if you haven’t seen a doctor for an injury yet.

Please allow 2 weeks notice to pause your membership.

Membership pauses only available for longer than one month. If you are going on vacation, you may downgrade your membership to less days per month if needed! (3x per week is actually 15 days per month, useable anytime in the month)