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Class Programming ahead of time?

Want to know class programming ahead of time? Fill out the info below! **Must be a member to access. If the email doesn't come through on Friday afternoon, contact your coach!

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Keep making our city better!

These officers found our stolen trailer, but there was a problem. A family bought it from the people who stole it. They had a fake bill of sale. (Left to right) Officers Chris Cooney , Mike Garces (@richene he knows Captain Boo!), Hiram wiggins and Denny Hechevarria & I tried to figure out what to do. Mike said “as an officer wearing this uniform, I can’t tell you what to do. But what do you think is the right thing to do here?” We all agreed that we could do something good for this family who has nothing but the trailer and the clothes they had carefully hung up on the trailer rafters. I signed over the REAL title and we all pulled the trailer to a space they could safely keep it. I love Las Vegas and the people who live here. Keep making our city better!

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Rhino is Open again!

The first morning back after being closed for 72 days. You can see the happiness and camaraderie. You can also see the careful consideration for each other and the pandemic we all just went through together. We are so happy to be open for you all and love to see your faces.

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Our Rhino Re-Open Plan!

  We miss your laughter, your high-fives, your 'Rhino-Toughs,' your grunts, your groans, your triumphs and your questions! We miss YOU. We are planning our Rhino Re-Open for the first week of May, because we have always been optimists and we want to be ready just...

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21 Day Rhino Online Transformation Challenge!

We came up with a challenge to help you stay motivated AND help you feel awesome during this time! I don’t know about you, but I felt like my life was turned upside down. The things I used to do to keep me sane and happy were taken away and I was left with an empty...

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