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No, it’s not because we are getting old! But it’s not your fault, you probably sit at a desk or have a job where you do the same movements all day! You just need an expert mobility coach to tell you what to do and help you move without pain.

Coach Derrick holds not only an AFAA personal training certification BUT ALSO a functional training institute mobility coach certification. AND he is finishing his bachelor’s degree in public health science with a minor in Kinesiology in December.

So, to me we have two choices. We can ask Coach Derrick for help and do what he says and live a beautiful, pain free life, or we can keep living the same lives and shrink into a little, painful ball of creaky frailness.

This is Rhino Julie, owner of the Rhino gyms and I am excited to bring together some of the most HELPFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE coaches in the World to answer questions and change lives.

To get help you can call 702-767-8797 or schedule with Coach Derrick at