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What:  New, cutting edge 12-week Breathing Enhancement Program (description below)

Where: Camp Rhino Northwest

When: Starting June 23rd. Tuesdays, Thursdays (7:30-8pm) and Saturdays (7:30-8am). Sessions will be 30 minutes each, 3× per week

Cost: $300

How: Text 702-767-8797 ‘I’m interested in the Breathwork program’

Now is as important a time as ever to keep our lungs strong and healthy to give ourselves the upper hand when it comes to general health & fitness, athletic performance, and prevention of chronic disease and health conditions.

Over the past couple years, I’ve had the great opportunity to study breathwork in-depth, and even complete my master’s research project using a variety of breathing techniques with runners to help them improve their performance. I have also earned several certifications from experts in the field of breathwork, including the Oxygen Advantage method, the Art of Breath, and XPT Performance Breathing.

I would like to unveil a new program at Camp Rhino Northwest as part of my Respiratory Enhancement Performance System (REPS) that is focused exclusively on this topic; breathwork. I can describe breathwork in the following way. It is the conscious effort of using a variety of breathing techniques to accomplish a number of things:

• Teach you how to breathe appropriately and efficiently based on your current physical or emotional state (i.e. when you’re inactive, working out, stressed, anxious, etc.)
• Instantly reduce stress and anxiety
• Sleep better
• To use respiratory muscle training (RMT) to strengthen your breathing muscles
• Learn how to use various mobility exercises to activate your diaphragm and prepare yourself for physical activity
• Be more in control of your breathing during workouts, which will help you improve your workout performance
• To make you less susceptible to infections by strengthening your immune system
• Learn how to instantly downregulate and bring your body back to resting state after a workout, which will help you recover faster
• And much more!

The course will begin with basic breathing assessment and drills to help you learn how to use your diaphragm to it’s true potential. Then it will progress to RMT and breathwork-specific workouts to integrate proper breathing with physical activity.

By the end of the program, you will feel confident with taking control and harnessing the power of your breath in any situation to help you live a better quality of life and improve your fitness.