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I received SO many emails this weekend, asking for help with motivation, weight loss, and depression. I made a bunch of small videos and sent them to many who requested help. (I’ve included one of the videos at the bottom of this email) I truly believe that my 6 Week Challenge will answer everyone’s questions and concerns.  I made the Challenge for myself, because I couldn’t commit to a nutrition plan. I love to eat and was never willing to give up the foods I loved. The Challenge was my answer to all my own personal problems, and I know it can help you, too.

So, I decided that anyone can come to this Thursday’s 6 Week Challenge Nutrition Workshop for free to learn our nutrition program. It’s at 6pm at the Warm Springs and Eastern Location.

…but what about all my friends who are out of state? What about everyone who can’t make it to my Challenge Workshop times? I have decided to live-stream the orientation on YouTube to anyone willing to bet on themselves. For those of you not familiar with how the challenge works, you pay $300 and you get it all back ($300 refund) if you attend the 2 1/2 hour Nutrition Workshop, attend 16 Rhino classes in 4 weeks, log all your food in your challenge book, don’t eat anything you’re not supposed to have, meet with our nutritionist, and attend your final check-in. Your refund is processed at your final check-in. View the full local Rhino Challenge HERE.

For my locals: The challenge remains the same. Except, you may come in person to the workshop to learn the nutrition program for free, or you may sign up and instead choose to view the orientation via YouTube at your convenience. You may either view it live or within 3 days of the Nutrition Workshop happening this Thursday at 6pm.

For my out-of-towners: You will pay $300, get your book mailed to you, attend the orientation live on YouTube, speak with our nutritionist via phone call or Skype every week based on your schedule, attend 16 fitness classes or personal training sessions at any fitness studio, attend a final check-in via Phone call or Skype, and then you will receive a $150 refund for graduating the challenge! Your other $150 will go towards the the nutrition consultations, the book, etc.

Here is one of the videos I made in response to one of the emails. Maybe it will be a small help to some of you:


looking for that motivation to get back full swing again with gym activity”


Julie, Owner of Camp Rhino in Las Vegas, NV