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Before Paulette Biggs walked through our doors for the first time, she responded to one of my emails with her 6 month goals.

“Right now I don’t have a lot of energy, my sleeping schedule is horrible, my diet isn’t good, and I am a mom of two and I always seem to be tired, and for my age I don’t think I should be feeling this way all of the time. My goal is to finally take action and get the results that I have been imagining in my head. I know if I dedicate myself and with help along the way I can achieve and maybe even surpass my goals and expectations and now I finally have the opportunity to try and give my all.

I hope for my body to change, I know it takes time, so I hope to lose weight/fat and start gaining some muscle in those six months, feeling better is my main priority, and looking better would just be a plus. In six months I see me being knowledgeable in workouts, using correct form and pushing myself to do better every time, as for now I need help getting there because I dont know where to start or what would work best for me. ( I also need booty gains!!! ) Haha My new mindset in six months would be to maybe even get into competing for Crossfit or weight lifting, that’s my long term goal.”

Two months in to her experience at Camp Rhino, she wrote me again:

“Hi Julie! Just wanted to write you a quick email.

I have sincerely LOVED my experience at your gym. It has gone past what I ever expected it to be. I never thought of the day I would look forward to working out, even when I’m so sore I can barely walk all I think about is what the next class will be ! I can honestly say I have started my passion for CrossFit , I enjoy it , and even though it kicks my butt I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will continue my journey to one day hopefully being able to compete. I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me in the beginning. You are so kind and really took an interest in me and my goals. You didn’t make me feel like another number. I was intimidated at first to start something new as all I’ve known is the regular gym, that I barely went to, but with our meeting, then the three personal training sessions that you recommended before I start the CrossFit classes, I was ready ! I jumped in right away. I already go to classes almost daily. The coaches are great in every way. Very helpful, motivational, friendly, and push you to be the best you can be.

Ana the nutritionist is amazing as well, so friendly and helpful. I absolutely love this gym and will be a part of camp rhino for a long time to come . I learn more everyday of correct form, and movements, and am getting fit while doing something I truly enjoy. Thank you again for making this possible for me . Forever grateful to you and your team. Hope to see you around!


Paulette is writing her own story. And she is the hero in it. She will continue to inspire single Moms everywhere to follow their dreams and not let anything stop them. She has been through a lot of trials and struggles, but she continues to push forward. I love how her goals are healthy and reachable. She wants to feel good, reach her goal of competing in CrossFit, and be confident in her own skin.

Coach Anthony was able to teach her the fundamentals in 3 personal training sessions, which allowed her to feel confident in the classes. I can’t wait to follow up on her to see how she is doing in 4 more months!