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Why body composition and inches are more meaningful than pounds!

“This program has been incredible! I feel like I have so much more energy, I don’t rely on caffeine or need daily naps, and I went down a whole size in my pants! I know that I am also able to do so much more in those workouts now than I could at the beginning. I feel stronger.” – Client A

For anyone who successfully completes our 6 Week Challenge, this is a version of the most common response. There is an endless list of improvements that the individual feels from their former self, and they are so much happier with how they look. They can’t stop talking about how the challenge changed their life, and how they want to share it with others.

“It sounds like you really committed yourself to this change – your enthusiasm is truly infectious! This is some seriously amazing progress that you have made! Let’s go ahead and take your second Fit3D scan to see how your body composition has changed.” – Me

Next, we take a look at their Fit3D scan to take note of the improvements. They have lost an inch in their bust, three inches in their waist, two inches in their hips, their biceps are more even, and their body fat percentage is down by 1.5%! However, their weight has only moved down one pound from when they started. It is in this moment that the individual forgets every positive change, and says to themselves, “I’m a failure.”

Why is it that we only allow ourselves to receive affirmation for our success from the scale? This is only a number that quantifies the combined weight of an individual’s fat mass, muscle mass, organs, blood, and body fluids. This information is hardly useful to us! Why not focus more on the things that indicate an improvement in health and body composition?

Let me paint a picture for you.

Let’s say (hypothetically) that in a matter of three months, you burn five pounds of fat, and gain five pounds of lean muscle. On the scale, nothing has changed. However, your clothes are fitting differently, you look leaner, you feel more confident, and you are stronger! Aren’t all of these things that we want to be experiencing? Lean in here… it isn’t that muscle weighs more than fat like I hear many people say. Muscle just takes up less space than fat!

Can you see how paying more attention to those physical changes can be more indicative of your success than that silly old scale? With Camp Rhino’s Fit3D scanner, not only are you able to see the changes in your fat mass vs. lean muscle mass, but you’re able to see the inches lost in places all OVER your body! This is not only better for you to see your progress overall, but it is better for your mental health as well.

So many times, we participate in negative self-talk, saying things like “I’m a failure. I didn’t control myself enough. I can’t even meet one simple weight goal.” Maybe the problem, isn’t you? Perhaps the problem is that in today’s society, the only measure of success that seems relevant is that one number on the scale.

I am challenging you to take back your authority over your own success. Don’t over-simplify your health journey. Broaden the scope of what success can look like, and give yourself more reasons to say, “I am amazing! I am so proud of what I was able to use my body for today! I am getting so much stronger!” Liberate yourself from the standards of the mainstream health movement – choose to find the good, choose to take it one day at a time, choose to celebrate the process!

Written by: Anna Gingrich-Bardis

Camp Rhino’s Head Nutritionist

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