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Traveling this Holiday Season? Getting together with friends and family? We want you to still get your workout in!

This DIY At Home Workout creator will allow you to put a fun workout together based on the amount of time you have to workout and the exercises you know. There is even an option to create a 5 minute workout. Remember, something is better than nothing, so try to get at least 5 minutes in every day while you’re away.

Have you scheduled your 2020 Goal Setting Session yet? We are offering Goal Setting sessions with our professional trainers to help you make 2020 the best year yet. If you’re never sat down with a mentor or a coach for a goal setting session, you’re in for a treat! You get to review your past year and make a plan for the next one, complete with action steps. This yearly practice is different than a ‘New Years Resolution.’ The happiest and most successful people meet with mentors and coaches to set goals and write down action steps to reach those goals and we can’t wait to help you put together your 2020 plan.

Schedule yours below: