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So, in October of 2018 I went from couch to CrossFit. I had dabbled in the gym over previous years but this time I went full force.
I started with the @camprhinohq 6 week challenge. By the time October 2019 rolled around I was stronger, slimmer, and way more confident in my abilities.
Now it’s October 22,2020. Two years ago today I walked into Camp Rhino for the first time. I was scared and intimidated.
Despite feeling like a fish out of water and often like there was no way I could do “that” ( run, lift heavy things, etc) I kept going. Even though I fell into a quarantine/Covid/Virtual teaching slump and went MIA for almost 2 months, I’m back at it.
I may never be skinny, but I will definitely be strong. Working out at Rhino reminds me of what I am capable of. Looking forward to what year 3 will bring. @rhinojulie 🦏